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Asthma treatment in homeopathy

What is asthma:-

Asthma is a inflammatory disease of airways of lungs. It is characterized by airflow obstruction & bronchospasms. Its symptoms are dry cough, wheezing & rattling in chest, chest tightness, shortness of breath, breathing becomes short & rapid, difficulty in doing their normal routine works. Asthma may be caused by genetic or environmental factors. Environmental factors include air pollutions or allergens. Asthma can be seen in all age groups but it affects especially to childrens & old age. Its attack can come at any time of the day but especially attacks at night, after physical exertion or stress.

Symptoms of asthma:-

Asthma & its symptoms

Symptoms are recurrent episodes of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, dry cough, short & rapid breathing, difficulty in walking & talking, suffocation feeling due to inability to breathe normally. Wheezing sound can be heard from asthmatic patients chest with the help of stethoscope to determine the severity of attack. Dusting, cleaning room, or change in environment causes asthma in many patients. Symptoms are usually seen at night or mid night , while heavy exercise or exposure to cold air.

Cause of asthma:-

1- Hereditary

2- Environmental factors such as allergy to some substances, changes in weather etc

3- Heavy exercise or exertion both physical or mental

4- Dust may start an asthmatic attack

5- Pollution

6- Pets fur

7- Fatty food

8- In many patients it is seen recurrent common cold attacks may also cause asthma later on in life.

Prevention for asthma:-

1- Eating a healthy diet which includes grean leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, salad everyday.

2- Avoid eating fast foods, fatty foods, processed foods.

3- Identify your trigger factors which includes- cold foods & drinks, dust, dirt, cold breeze, getting wet in rain, heavy exertion.

4- Exercise regulary but in limits. Breathing exercises in yoga makes your lungs strong & asthma attacks declines.

5- Avoid smoking

6- Maintain good hygiene.

Yoga increases immunity & makes your lungs strong

Homeopathic medicines for asthma:-

Below are some homeopathic medicines mentioned but they should be only taken after advice from a good homeopathic doctor as he will analyse your symptoms & cause & time of asthma attack then only a doctor can prescribe you a right homeopathic medicine with right power selection in your case to treat your asthma permanently.

1- Arsenic album

2- Blatta orientalis

3- Kali carb

4- Ipecacuanha

5- Lobelia

6- Sambuccus

7- Rumex

8- Psorinum

9- Sulphur

10- Lachesis

11- Drosera

12- Kali ars

Our case study:-

Dr. Rohit kumar (BHMS, DCDN) has a very vast experience in curing cases of chronic conditions including asthma. We see a large number of cases of asthma in childrens, in adults, in old age & we have a very good result in treating & curing them permanently. After our homeopathic medicines patients slowly starts stopping the use of inhalers, steroids, bronchodilators as they are habit forming. Our homeopathic medicines are completely safe & causes no habit forming & no side effects. So for right homeopathic treatment do consult us to cure your problems permanently.

Case of chronic asthma in this patient treated and cured with our homeopathic medicine at our clinic.



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