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Corns homeopathic treatment

What are corns?

They are cone shaped & often painful inwardly directed callus of dead skin that forms at a pressure point near a bone or on a weight bearing part of body. They are mostly on 2 sites of the body either on the feet (sole, toes, heel) or on a palm of hand. When they are present on feet, they can be very painful as to interfere with walking. From looking outside corns look like round shaped but in inside they have hard tapering root that is directed inwards & when pressure on corns happens it pushes the root deeper into the flesh.

Pressure corns usually occurs on thin skin surfaces especially on the dorsal surface of toes or fingers, but if injury happens then it can occur on thicker part of skin such as palms or bottom of the feet. Also lifting heavy weights can also cause corns in palm of hands.

Signs & symptoms of corns:-

1- Discomfort while walking or standing

2- Pain, burning sensation at corn site area

3- From outer appearance corn area looks round but inside it has pointed tip at bottom which causes pain while pressure conditions or during walking. Because of their shape corns intensify the pressure at the tip & can cause deep tissue damage & ulceration.

4- Hard corns are especial problem for people with insensitive skin due to damaged nerves ( People with diabetes), as they easily become infected & lead to gangrene.

5- Hard corns occur on dry, flat surfaces of skin while soft corns stay moist keeping the surrounding skin soft. The corns center is not soft but indurated.

Corn homeopathic treatment & medicine :-

In our homeopathic clinic we see vast number of cases of skin problems & corns is Also a problem in todays time. We provide best homeopathy medicine in corns which dissolves & cures it permanently. Our homeopathy medicine also never allows corns to come back again in patients life. Homeopathy medicine are safe & with no side effects.

Below written are some homeopathic medicine which are used for corns treatment but the selection of medicine & doses & power should be discussed & consulted with the homeopathic doctor before taking it:-

1- Calcarea carb

2- Thuja

3- Antimonium crudum

4- Silicea

5- Sepia

6- Rhustox

7- Lycopodium

8- Graphites

9- Sulphur

10- Hepar sulph



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