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Homeopathy treatment for piles

What is piles/haemorrhoid?

Piles are vascular structures in anal canal. When they are normal they act as cushions that help with stool control. They become disease when they are swollen or inflamed. Piles may be very painful state for a person and may cause difficulty in sitting and disrupt daily work activities.

Identify your type of piles:-

1- Internal piles/hemorrhoid- They are located inside the anus & can’t be seen and feel from touch. They are mostly painless but mostly causes bleeding.

2- External piles/hemorrhoid- They are mostly painful & swelling in anal area can be felt & visualized. They may also bleed while applying pressure for stool.

Symptoms of piles:-

1- Bleeding piles or non bleeding piles during stool

2- Pain may present. Some patients feel burning, cutting, stitching pains while defecation or during or after defecation.

3- Swelling may present

4- Itching around anus region.

Causes of piles:-

1- Irregular bowel habits

2- Persistant constipation or diarrhea

3- Lack of excercise

4- Sedentary life habits

5- Eating excess of spicy foods or non-veg foods

6- Pregnancy may also cause piles

7- Obesity

8- Not drinking enough fluids

Homeopathic medicine for piles:-

Below are some homeopathic medicines which should be only taken carefully after homeopathic physician advice or consultation only.

1- Aesculus hipocastanum

2- Ratanhia

3- Nux vomica

4- Acid nitric

5- Collinsonia

6- Sulphur

7- Paeonia

8- Acid mur

9- Aloes

10- Hamamellis

11- Lachesis

12- Sepia

Our clinic treatment for piles:-

We have a very vast experience of treating & curing piles whether its bleeding or not bleeding. After taking proper case taking of patients & analysing the cause & symptoms of patients properly then only we prescribe right homeopathic medicines. Our homeopathic medicine relieves all types of pain due to piles & stops the bleeding & also cures piles permanently without any side effects. Our medicine has no side effects & not habit forming also. You can consult us as we are best in homeopathic treatment.

This patient had severe pains from piles & bleeding while defecation & after our medicine within few days his condition cured permanently & piles swelling also finished.



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