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Kidney stone treatment in homeopathy

Hello, in this todays times kidney stones are occurring in most of individuals. The condition could be very painful to any person. So here in this post, we want to tell about kidney stones symptoms, causes to our readers, and the treatment in homeopathy which we provide to easily dissolve kidney stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones:-

These below all written symptoms may not be present in all individuals
suffering from kidney stones but if from these symptoms few are there than it
may represent kidney stone problem.

1- feeling pain during urinating

2- fever with pain in sides of abdomen

3- nausea or vomitting with pains

4- burning while urination

5- pain at lower back in sides

6 – blood in urine

7- frequent urge to urinate

8- pain while urinating


1- drinking too less water

2- errors in diet with too much excess sugar or salt

3- unnecessary excess intake of protein rich diet and higher calcium intake

4- family history,

5- sedentary life habits.

6- obesity

Diagnostic Tests:-

1- Ultrasound of whole abdmonen

2- Abdominal CT scan

3- MRI abdomen

4- Urine analysis

5- Abdomen X-Ray

Some useful homeopathic medicines for kidney stones:-

These below are some few homeopathic medicines which may be taken judiciously with doctors advice only.

1- Thuja

2- Lycopodium

3- Ocimum can

4- Belladona

5- Hydrangea

6- Sarsaparilla

7- Berberis vulgaris

8- Calcarea carb

9- Renal calculi

10- Pariera brava

11- Silicea

Kidney stone treatments with homeopathic medicine:-

We have a very vast experience of over 10 years in curing and treating
kidney stone or ureteric calculus with our homeopathy medicine in our clinic.
We prescribe homeopathy medicine after carefully examining the position of
kidney stone, its size, type of kidney stone and what character of other
symptoms coming with stones like character of pain, location of pain, time of
pain, urination frequency etc.

So these all questions we ask to patients in prescribing right homeopathic
medicine. So that kidney stones dissolves with our medicine permanently and
never comes back again.

We have very high experience in curing kidney stones with homeopathy. We can
dissolve upto 20 mm kidney stones very easily with right homeopathic medicine.

So, do consult us for 100% success result in your treatment.

This kidney stone patient had severe pain and it was in his ureter and after our homeopathic medicine pain subsided and his stone camed out within 2 days of our medicine

Reviews of our cured cases of kidney stone patients with homeopathic medicines at our clinic



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