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Bedwetting homeopathic medicine

Bedwetting also called as nocturnal enuresis. It is involuntary urination which occurs while sleeping. Most bedwetting is a developmental delay & not an emotional or physical illness. Up to the age of five years, bedwetting is considered normal occurrence due to the fact that the child may not yet have obtained full bladder control. Only a small percentage of about 5-10% of bedwetting cases have a specific medical cause. Still bedwetting can have a significant mental impact causing a great deal of embarrassment & stress particularly in adults & older children. 

Bedwetting is also associated with a family history of the condition. Bedwetting is considered primary when a child has not yet had a prolonged period of being dry. Secondary nocturnal enuresis is when a child or adult begins wetting again after having stayed dry. Bedwetting is most common childhood complaint. In some cases a child at night sees in dream that he is urinating in toilet but actually he is urinating in his dreams on bed which is due to a disturbance in REM sleep. It is necessary to know that wetting the bed poses no threat to a child’s physical health, although it may have an impact on their confidence and self-esteem.

Causes for bedwetting/nocturnal enuresis:-

1- Excess urine volume

2- Poor sleep arousal

3- Poor bladder contractions

4- Bedwetting is mostly considered genetic as those parents who were not enuretic at their childhood thus resulted in very less percent of chance of their kids of being enuretic/bedwetting.

5- Bedwetting is a developmental delay

6- Childrens suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder were more likely to wet their beds at night.

7- Chronic constipation may cause bedwetting. When the bowels are full it can put pressure on the bladder.

8- Patients with severe neurological-developmental issues have a higher rate of bedwetting.

9- Sleepwalking can lead to bedwetting.

10- Excess fear in child from anything either from parents or strangers, teachers or horror movies may also lead to bedwetting at night. So if your child is wetting the bed daily then comfort him/her and never scold them as it will cause them more pressure, anxiety & fear in them which will result more bedwetting.

Changes to be made in child’s routine to help with bedwetting:-

1- Limiting fluids before bedtime.

2- Going to bathroom before bedtime

3- Bladder therapy- This aims at slowly increasing the bladder’s functional capacity by making the child wait to go to the bathroom. Increasing the length of the time between bathroom visits helps enlarge the bladder to allow it to hold more urine.

4- Counselling:- Psychological counselling is very effective in cases where child had traumatic event or is suffering from low self esteem because of the bedwetting.

5- Homoeopathic medicine is very helpful in curing bedwetting in children.

Homeopathic treatment for bedwetting & its medicine:-

We at Raj homoeopathic multispeciality clinic, ashiana, Lucknow have seen numerous cases of bedwetting/ nocturnal enuresis problem in children’s & cured many cases very fastly with homeopathy. Homeopathy cures such problem as bedwetting very rapidly and sets a biological alarm in child’s body to wake up before urinating in bed & also makes bladder muscle more powerful so that it can hold on their urine till morning. Homeopathy is safe, gentle & effective for all age groups. For more information please call us at 9670849963, 9559688792.

Here are some homeopathic medicines which can be used to cure bedwetting in children’s but selection of homeopathic medicine should be done according to homeopathy doctor’s advice only.

1- Equisetum hyemale

2- Kreosotum

3- Pulsatilla

4- Causticum

5- Cina

6- Medorrhinum

7- Psorinum

8- Carbo veg

9- Thuja

10- Natrum phos



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