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Homeopathic medicine for psoriasis

What is psoriasis?

It is long lasting, noncontagious, autoimmune disease characterized by raised areas of abnormal skin. These areas are some times red or purple on some people with darker skin & also with white scaly areas which sheds while itching. There are 5 main types of psoriasis which are plague, guttate, inverse, pustular & erythrodermic. Other name of plague psoriasis is psoriasis vulgaris, makes up about 90% of cases.

It typically presents as red patches with white scales on top. Areas of the body most commonly affected are the back of the forearms, shins, navel area & scalp. Guttate psoriasis has drop shaped lesions. Pustular psoriasis presents as small, non infectious, pus filled blisters. Inverse psoriasis forms red patches in skin folds. Erythrodermic psoriasis occurs when the rash becomes very widespread & can develop from any of the other types.

Psoriasis is generally said to be a genetic disease that is triggered by environmental factors. In most cases psoriasis symptoms tends to become worse in winters.

Symptoms of psoriasis:-

1- Inflamed skin & scaly , silvery plagues with a clear border..

2- Nail pitting & nail separation in nail psoriasis

3- In guttate psoriasis we see tear drop shaped bumps.

4- Rash appearing in skin folds in inverse psoriasis

5- Pus filled lesions in pustular psoriasis

6- Severely inflamed skin shedding in large sheets in erythrodermic psoriasis.

Causes of psoriasis:-

1- Genetics

2- Lifestyle- Conditions which leads to worsening this disease include chronic infections, stress, & changes in season & climate. Other factors which aids this disease to spread fast are- scratching psoriasis skin lesions, dryness of skin, excess intake of alcohol, cigarette smoking & obesity.

3- HIV infection

Homeopathic medicine & treatment for psoriasis:-

We at Raj homoeopathic multispeciality clinic, ashiana, lucknow have seen thousands of skin related problems which are chronic in nature and got healed & cured from our homeopathy medicine. Dr. Rohit kumar (BHMS, DCDN) has a very vast experience in treating all skin related problems and especially conditions like psoriasis. We all know and understand how psoriasis affects patients health by disturbing patients physically as well as emotionally & mentally. Psoriasis is a very deep & chronic problem which requires homeopathic treatment & patience from patients side as well. We have thousands of cured cases of psoriasis getting cured from our treatment.

Here we will write some homeopathic medicines which are used for psoriasis treatment but the selection of medicine, dosage and potency should be consulted first with the doctor.

1- Sepia

2- Arsenicum Iod

3- Lycopodium

4- Phytolacca

5- Kali sulph

6- Psorinum

7- Sulphur

8- chryso acid

9- Calcarea sulph

10- Graphites

11- Thuja

12- Mezerium




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