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Lipoma treatment in homeopathy

Lipoma is a benign tumour which is made up of fat tissue. Mostly they are soft in touch, painless and movable. They occur mostly under the skin but in some cases they may be deeper. Common locations of lipoma are- abdomen, shoulders, arms, upper back. A person suffering from lipoma could have one lipoma to many lipoma in his body. The size of lipoma may vary but mostly they are less than 5cm.

Risk factors include family history, obesity & lack of exercise. Lipoma typically occurs between the age group of 30 to 60 years of age. Males are more commonly affected than females. Lipoma are noncancerous soft tissueb tumour.

Cause of Lipoma:-

1- Hereditary

2- Injuries may trigger growth in body thus resulting in Lipoma

3- Obesity

4- High cholesterol levels

5- Excess intake of non vegetarian meat products

6- Excessive intake of alcohol with meat

7- Lack of exercise & physical activity

Lipoma types & their symptoms:-

1- Adenolipomas:- They are lipomas which are associated with eccrine sweat glands.

2- Angiolipoleiomyomas:- They are acquired, solitary, asymptomatic acral nodules which are well circumscribed subcutaneous tumours composed of smooth muscle cells, blood vessels, connective tissue & fat.

3- Angiolipomas:- They are painful subcutaneous nodules having all other features of a typical lipoma

4- Chondroid lipoma:- They are deep seated, firm, yellow tumours that characteristically occur on the legs of women.

5- Corpus callosum:- It is a rare congenital brain condition that may or may not present with symptoms. It occurs in the corpus callosum.

6- Hibernomas:- They are lipomas of brown fat.

7- Fibrolipoma:- It is a lipoma with focal areas of large amounts of fibrous tissue.

8- Superficial subcutaneous lipoma:- They are the most common types of lipomas, lie just below the surface of skin. Most commnly they occurs on trunk, thigh, & forearm although they may be found anywhere in body where fat is located.

Lipoma treatment in homeopathy & its homeopathic treatment:-

We at Raj homoeopathic multispeciality clinic, ashiana Lucknow have cured & seen numerous cases of lipoma with excellent results. Dr. Rohit Kumar(BHMS, DCDN) is highly qualified & trained homeopathic physician practicing for more than 10 years. Our results are best in any chronic or acute diseases.

How we are different from other homeopaths?

We take detailed case taking of patient & ask about his daily life activities & the environment in which he lives in which is affecting his health. We ask about the duration of his disease state and what thinking in his life is bothering him/her. Actually we gives high importance to emotional & mental , environmental factors in which a person/patient lives. Here we are about to tell homeopathic medicines which are used in lipoma treatment but the selection of homeopathic medicine & its potency should be done after doctors advice only as homeopathy medicine may be different for each patient of lipoma depending on Lipomas shape, size, location, their numbers & other characteristics etc. Anyone can contact us for more information about lipoma & its homeopathy treatment at our clinic or call us at 9670849963, 9559688792

1- Belladona

2- Calcarea carb

3- Phytolacca

4- Thuja

5- Baryta carb

6- Calcarea fluor

7- Kali bromatum

8- Silicea

9- Medorrhinum

10- Phosphorous



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