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Cervicitis treatment in homeopathy

Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix which is the end of the uterus. Most of the times cervicitis does not cause symptoms, but if they do happen, they may include abnormal vaginal discharges, painful intercourse and vaginal irritation. people may suffer from acute cervicitis or chronic cervicitis. Cervix joins the uterus (birth canal) to the vagina. The cervix allows fluids, such as menstrual blood, to pass from the uterus into the vagina. It also widens during the birth of a baby.

People who have multiple partners or who engage in high risk sexual behaviour are at a higher risk for cervicitis. Those with a history of sexually transmitted infections or who have partners with a history of STIs, are also more likely to contract cervicitis. But sexual practices aren’t the only cause of cervicitis. The condition can also be caused by irritation from douches, tampons or diaphragms.

Cervicitis is very common disease. If cervicitis is ignored than it may lead to cervical cancer later on. So it is better to start treatment when symptoms starts appearing of cervicitis.

Symptoms of cervicitis-

1- Painful sexual intercourse.

2- Vulvar or vaginal irritation

3- Abnormal vaginal discharge that may be yellow, or white and having offensive, unpleasant odour.

4- Bleeding between two periods.

5- discomfort when urinating

6- Abdominal pains

7- Pressure or heaviness in the pelvis

Cause of Cervicitis-

1- Sexually transmitted disease such as – Gonorrhoea, herpes virus, Human papilloma virus etc can cause cervicitis problems

2- Use of contraceptive creams

3- Allergy to latex use and condoms in females

4- Allergic reaction from Diaphragm insertion, tampons, pessaries etc

5- Bacterial infections can also lead to cervicitis

Diagnostic test-

1- Pap test

2- Tests for Gonorrhea or chlamydia

3- Colonoscopy or biopsy of cervix in chronic cervicitis or cervical cancer cases.

Homeopathic treatment for cervicitis-

In our homeopathic sytem there are so many homeopathic medicines which cures cervicitis and cervical cancer. Dr. Rohit Kumar (BHMS, DCDN) is highly qualified doctor and has experience over 12 years of homeopathic practice. He practices at RAJ HOMOEOPATHIC MULTISPECIALITY CLINIC situated in Ashiana, Lucknow. He is considered one of the best homeopathic doctors in Lucknow and Uttar pradesh.

For any information or consultation you can call us at 9670849963

1- Hydrastis 30

2- Kreosotum 30

3- Natrum mur 200

4- Argentum nitricum 30

5- Conium 200

6- Murex 200

7- Tuberculinum 1m

8- Sulphur 200

9- Sepia



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