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Gallbladder stone homeopathic medicine

What are gallbladder stones?

A gallstone is a stone formed within the gallbladder from precipitated bile components. Gallstone disease refers to the condition where gallstones are either in the gallbladder or common bile duct. Gallstones are also called as cholelithiasis. Most people with gallstones (about 75%) are asymptomatic. However when a gallstone obstructs the bile duct and causes stasis in the duct than that time it can cause intense cramping pain in the right upper part of the abdomen known as biliary colic. Complications from gallstones may include inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis), inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), obstructive jaundice, and infection in bile ducts.

Symptoms of these complications may include pain that lasts longer than five hours, fever, yellowish skin, vomiting, dark urine and pale stools. Risk factors for gallstones include birth control pills, pregnancy, a family history of gallstones, obesity, diabetes, liver damage, or rapid weight loss. The bile components that form gallstones include cholesterol, bile salts and bilirubin. Gallstones formed mainly from cholesterol are termed cholesterol stones , and those formed mainly from bilirubin are termed pigment stones.

Gallstones are more common among women than men and occur more commonly after the age of 40.

Sign & symptoms of gall bladder stones:-

1- A characteristic symptom of a gallstone attack is the presence of colic- like pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. 

2- Pain from symptomatic gallstones may range from mild to severe and can steadily increase over a period lasting from 30 minutes to several hours. 

3- Other symptoms may include fever, as well as referred pain between the shoulder blades or below the right shoulder. 

4- If one or more gallstones block the bile ducts and cause bilirubin to leak into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue, jaundice and itching may also occur. In this case, liver enzyme levels are likely to be raised.

5- Gallstones, regardless of size or number, are often asymptomatic. These “silent stones” do not require treatment and can remain asymptomatic even years after they form.

6- Often, gallbladder attacks occur after eating a heavy meal. Attacks are most common in the evening or at night.

Composition of gall bladder stones:-

They are manly of three main types such as- cholesterol stones, pigment stones and mixed stones. It all depends on the age, diet, etc.

1- Cholesterol stone:- They vary from light yellow to dark green or brown or chalk white and are oval, usually solitary, between 2 and 3 cm long, each often having a tiny, dark, central spot. Between 35% and 90% of stones are cholesterol stones.

2- Pigment stones:- They are small, dark (often appearing black), and usually numerous. They are composed primarily of bilirubin (insoluble bilirubin pigment polymer) and calcium salts that are found in bile. Between 2% and 30% of stones are bilirubin stones.

3- Mixed stones:- They typically contain 20–80% cholesterol. Other common constituents are calcium carbonate, palmitate phosphate, bilirubin and other bile pigments. Gallstones can vary in size and shape from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball.


Maintaining a healthy weight by getting sufficient exercise and eating a healthy diet that is high in fiber may help prevent gallstone formation.

Homeopathic medicine and treatment for gallbladder stones:-

We at Raj homoeopathic multispeciality clinic, ashiana, lucknow have seen numerous cases of Gall bladder stones which gets very easily dissolved & cured with our homeopathic medicines. Our homeopathy medicine are very safe, reliable, fast acting & effective to use & our medicines breaks the stones and then dissolves it into normal bile.

Dr. Rohit kumar (BHMS, DCDN) is highly experienced homeopathic doctor & has enormous experience of over 10 years in curing such chronic, painful diseases. He has high success rate in curing & dissolving gall bladder stones completely.  You can consult him anytime for any of your health related problems. Call or whats app us at 9670849963 .

Here we are about to tell some homeopathic medicines to cure & dissolve gallbladder stones but the selection of medicine and potency of the medicine should be discussed with homeopathy doctor first, then only it is advisable to take. As homeopathy doctor will be best in deciding the selection and potency according to your symptoms and severity. You can consult us anytime.

Some homeopathic medicines which are used for curing gallbladder stones are:-

1- Nux vomica

2- Fel tauri

3- Cholesterinum

4- Chelidonium

5- Carduus marianus

6- Lachesis

7- Belladona

8- Calcarea carb



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