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Homeopathic treatment for ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection of skin. They are ring shaped red patchy lesions forming on skin. It can spread to other parts of the body also very fast. About 40 types of fungus can cause ringworm problem. Ringworm can spread from coming in contact with the infected persons touch. It spreads between humans very fast from touching or coming in contact with the infected persons belongings like clothes, underwear, towel or even by touching them on their infected area.

Infections of groins are more common these days & other body areas could also get affected such as scalp, armpits, hips, abdomen, nails or even face. If patient of ringworm is continually scratching or touching that fungal area than he may also spread to other body areas with touch. Person infected with ringworm should use separate towel, should keep body well dry before putting clothes on, when sweating is more should make it dry & allow air to flow on skin so that it not spread or itch.

Symptoms of ringworm:-

Fungal in nails

1- Red, scaly, itchy or red patches

2- That red patch of ringworm has a well outlined border

3- Patch may ooze or develop eruptions which causes itching

4- If nails are infected by fungal than nails may get discolour, thickened, or brocken & the nails growth also stops.

Cause of ringworm:-

Fungus growth occurs mostly in humid, warm areas very fast & if that climate area persons not keeping their body dry or sweats more or keeps their body unhygienic than ringworm infection would surely infect them. After bathing not soaking dry your body well & putting on clothes without letting your body dry causes ringworm. Sharing towels, clothes , hairbrush of infected persons also is the cause for ringworm spread

Homeopathic medicine for ringworm:-

Below written are some homeopathic medicines mentioned which has to be taken by doctors advice only for best results :-

1- Bacillinum

2- Sulphur

3- Psorinum

4- Arsenicum album

5- Calcarea sulph

6- Lycopodium

7- Sepia

8- Tellurium

9- Acid chryso

10- Graphites

Our experience in treatment of ringworm:-

We have very high success rate of cure for ringworm infection in our clinic. Our experience of over 10 years in treatment of skin diseases is very extraordinary. We take proper case taking of the patient & then prescribe the right homeopathic medicine. We observe the discoloured / infected parts & analyse it and starts treatment. Our medicines works internally by stopping fungal growth & curing it from inside permanently. Our medicine has no side effects. We give rapid, gentle & permanent treatment for ringworm or other skin diseases.

Our clinic reviews of patients which got cured and treated for ringworm/ fungal skin problems

This patient had chronic ringworm infection in his groin area & it also got spread in his abdomen area also. He took our treatment & got cured permanently from our homeopathy medicine



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