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Uterine fibroid treatment in homeopathy

What are uterine fibroids? –

Uterine fibroid are non cancerous tumour that forms in the muscular walls of
the uterus. Most womens have no symptoms while some may have painful or heavy
periods. A women can have one fibroid or multiple fibroids in uterus. Fibroids
may cause difficulty in becoming pregnant. These days in todays times its
becoming very common in teenage girls & normal age women having either
ovary cysts or uterine fibroids/tumours.

Uterine fibroids are dense, firm, non cancerous tumour & are common
especially before menopause.

Symptoms Of Uterine Fibroids:-

Symptoms can include:-

1- Pelvic pain

2- Bloating in abdomen

3- Heavy bleeding in periods

4- Frequent urination

5- There may be also pain during intercourse in women.

6- They may cause miscarriage or premature labor in pregnant women

7- Large fibroids may cause rectal prolapse

8- In most cases of women with fibroid do not causes infertility in them.

9- fibroids may tend to grow large & fast during pregnancy & tend to shrink after menopause.


Cause of fibroid:-

1- Family history of uterine fibroid

2- Obesity

3- Diet with lot of meat & red meat

4- Imbalance of estrogen & progesterone hormones may cause the growth of fibroid in uterus.


1- Ultrasound

2- Blood tests

3- MRI scan

4- Hysterosonography

Homeopathic medicine for uterine fibroids:-

Below written are some homeopathic medicines mentioned which has to be taken by doctors advice only for best results :-

1- Calcarea fluor

2- Thuja

3- Silicea

4- Lachesis

5- Kali bi

6- Aurum mur nat

7- Calcarea carb

8- Apis mel

9- Thlapsi bursa

10- Arnica

Our clinic treatment of uterine fibroid:-

We in raj homoeopathic multispeciality clinic have seen numerous cases of uterine fibroids with excellent results. After our homeopathy medicine administered the fibroids starts dissolving & the symptoms such as pelvic pain, heavy bleeding in periods, irregular periods also gets cured with fibroids. We take proper case taking of the patient & ask all symptoms in details so that prescription is right & perfect.

Our case study:- This patient has uterine fibroids & her period was never normal she had pains in her period & bleeding was irregular also the period was never on time but after our homeopathic treatment for 5 months her uterus was free from all fibroids & her periods also started coming normal at normal time intervals. Like this we cure fibroids & dissolve them completely. Thank you



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