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Cure high blood pressure with homeopathy

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure also known as hypertension. It is a condition in which blood pressure in arteries gets elevated. High blood pressure for very long time may cause heart attack, heart fail, stroke, paralysis, coronary artery disease, vision loss etc. Some life style habits such as obesity, sedentary habits, lack of physical exercise, increase in salt intake, taking alcohol in excess or smoking, lack of proper sleep, constipation may increase blood pressure.

Symptoms of high blood pressure:-

Initially hypertension has not much symptoms in its beginning times. But if hypertension becomes a chronic problem then symptoms like head pains, vertigo, tinnitus, faintness, anxiety may occur. And more severe symptoms may occur in body if not treated on time. Even retinal haemorrhage could occur if patient avoided hypertension for long period. Hypertension can easily be measured in a machine called sphygmomanometer. This machine can easily be operated at home by any person as it comes in 2 varients:- manual machine and electrical bp machine. Normal blood pressure value is 120/80 mmhg. But with age normal value can increase. If blood pressure become above 140/80 mmhg or above 150/90mmhg then symptoms of high blood pressure can be seen.

Prevention from blood pressure:-

1- Maintain normal body weight as obesity leads to hypertension.

2- Reduce excess salt in your diet

3- Engage yourself in physical exercises & yoga

4- Avoid excess intake of alcohol & smoke

5- Eat green leafy vegetables & fresh fruits

6- Avoid fast foods & fatty foods

7- If you are above 30 years of age then check your blood pressure after every 20 days even if its normal

8- Avoid too much stress

9- Take proper sleep as lack of sleep also causes high blood pressure

10- Change your life style habits as if you are becoming sick that means something is not going normal in your life.

Homeopathic medicines for hypertension:-

Below written homeopathic medicines should be taken with doctors advice only:-

1- Rauwolfia serpentina

2- Veratrum album

3- Belladona

4- Conium mac

5- Cratageus

6- Cactus g

7- Baryta carb

8- Lachesis

9- Amyl nitrosum

10- Viscum album

Hypertension treatment at our homeopathy clinic:-

We in homeopathy have a very vast experience in treating and curing high
blood pressure. If the case is very acute that time our homeopathy medicines
works very fast in normalizing high bp permanently & if it gets chronic
then it takes some time in curing it permanently. Our medicines not only
maintains bp but also cures it completely without any side effects.

Our homeopathy medicines are not habit forming & also cures it
permanently. We take proper case taking of the patient and analyse his life
habits and analyse the stress in their life & then prescribe the right
homeopathic medicines for the patient. We have several cured cases in
homeopathy of high bp with excellent results & we have also stopped their
habit of taking allopathic medicines permanently for high blood pressure. For
more information you can contact us any time. Thank you.



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